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Trust and Triumph: The Power of Arm Balances

Nestled within the realms of yoga, functional fitness, and mindfulness, we invite our students to take flight. Beyond the traditional yoga mat, these dynamic arm balancing poses offer not only physical benefits but also serve as a unique opportunity to cultivate trust in yourself. In this post, we'll dive into the benefits of incorporating arm balances into your yoga practice whether it's in the studio or at home, and explore how the challenge of these poses becomes an avenue for self-discovery.

The benefits of Arm Balances

  1. Core Strength and Functional Fitness:

Arm balances, such as Crow Pose (Bakasana) and Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana), provide a challenging platform to engage and strengthen your core muscles. This physical challenge extends beyond the yoga mat, becoming an opportunity to trust your body's capabilities. As you build functional fitness and a robust core through yoga and various forms of strength training, the practice of trusting your physical strength becomes a valuable lesson that echoes throughout various aspects of your life outside of fitness.

  1. Upper Body Empowerment:

The emphasis on upper body strength in poses like Firefly (Tittibhasana) and Eight-Angle Pose (Astavakrasana) provides for a challenge into an opportunity for empowerment. Trusting your arms, shoulders, and chest to bear your weight in these poses becomes a metaphor for trusting your own ability to carry the load in life's endeavors. This newfound sense of strength extends outside the studio, building self-assurance in facing challenges far beyond the mat.

  1. Enhanced Mind-Body Connection:

In mastering arm balances, concentration, focus, and a calm mind are essential. The challenge lies not only in physical execution but also in mental composure. As you navigate through these poses, the practice of trusting your mind's capacity for focus and clarity becomes a valuable asset in life. This heightened mind-body connection is a transferable skill that enhances your ability to trust your instincts and make mindful decisions in everyday situations.

  1. Balance and Coordination Mastery:

The precise interplay of strength, stability, and trust required in arm balances contributes to improved balance and coordination. Trusting your body's ability to find equilibrium in challenging poses becomes a metaphor for trusting your innate sense of balance in life. As you master these dynamic movements, the newfound coordination extends into your daily activities, instilling a sense of trust in your ability to navigate the complexities of daily life.

  1. Flexibility and Joint Health:

The journey of mastering arm balances encourages the journey of increasing flexibility, to more easily get into these poses. Trusting your body to move and bend in new ways fosters a deep connection with your physical self. This trust in the flexibility of both body and mind promotes joint health and reduces the fear of the unknown, empowering you to face life's twists and turns with confidence.

At Surf Salutations, arm balances go beyond our asana practice, to become a powerful opportunity for self-discovery and trust. As you face the challenges and triumphs of these poses, you not only build strength, balance, and flexibility but also a sense of trust in you. Arm balances become your teacher, guiding you towards a more mindful, resilient, and self-trusting way of living yoga beyond your mat.

Join us on Saturday, April 13th for a 75 minute Arm Balancing workshop with Leah Conger, to learn how to access Crow, Side Crow and Hurdler's Pose. Details here.

Surf Salutations members can also access a free, on demand 5 min video on how to do Crow Pose here!


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