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We offer heated (80 F) and non-heated classes.


This blissful 45-minute stretch and release yin yoga class is designed to provide deep relaxation and restore balance to both body and mind. This gentle yet powerful practice focuses on long-held, passive poses targeting connective tissues and releasing tension in the muscles. Through mindful breath work and supported poses, this class helps increase flexibility, joint mobility, and overall relaxation.


For anyone working on building muscle, this class aids in muscle recovery, promotes flexibility to prevent injuries, and cultivates a sense of calm and restoration. Surfers and other athletes will particularly benefit from releasing tension in their hips and shoulders, improving their range of motion and recovery, and learning how to stay calm in challenging conditions. Unwind, rejuvenate, and embrace the transformative benefits of our stretch and release yin class.

Heated Yin is a hybrid class where we blend the meditative principles of yin yoga with the therapeutic power of gentle heat set to 80 F. Unlike traditional yin, which focuses solely on releasing fascia, your deep connective tissue, and improved flexibility, in Heated Yin your muscles absorb some of that positive stress we place on them. The controlled warmth will help target tension release from your muscles, deepening your practice and encouraging introspection. Through mindful breathing, and supported posture, you’ll find balance between effort and ease, leaving the class feeling rejuvenated, restored and deeply grounded. 

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