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Baby Cuddles
Mothers Exercising with Babies
Children in Yoga Class


Surf Salutations is a local, mom-owned yoga and fitness studio in Oceanside focused on spreading the power and importance of mindfulness to everyone, even the littles ones in our community!


We value the importance of learning mindfulness skills at a young age. Yoga and other forms of movement are a wonderful way to instill these learnings in kids! We also find that mindful movement is a wonderful way to connect and bond with your child and other families in the area.

Some of the benefits of that yoga and mindful movement bring to children's development and wellbeing, as well as parents wellbeing, include:

* Emotional Regulation

*Improved Focus and Concentration

* Stress and Anxiety Reduction

* Better Sleep

* Mind-Body Connection

* Physical Health

* Resilience

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