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Our Mom & Grom Yoga class is a 45-minute session that combines strength training, yoga, bonding time with your little one, and connection with your new mom tribe! This class is designed to help busy moms fit a workout into their day while enjoying precious moments with their babies. Incorporating your baby, you'll engage in sculpting exercises that target major muscle groups, while also practicing yoga poses to improve flexibility and balance. Connect with other moms in a supportive community, share experiences, and create lasting friendships. This class is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your body, bond with your baby, and find balance in the midst of motherhood.

We spend about 25-30 minutes on the sculpt class, and 15-20 minutes discussing various topics of motherhood, challenges, highlights, and more.

Mom & Grom Yoga is a 12 week term. We charge you for 10 classes, but get 12 included. This provides you with some cushion for flexibility when things come up as it's bound to happen in the early stages of motherhood! If you are a monthly member at Surf Salutations, you receive 60% off the term enrollment fees.

All levels, dads and any other types of caregivers are always welcome in our inclusive studio. We welcome parents with babies from 6 weeks to crawling. Please ensure you are cleared by your doctor to workout before enrolling in this class.

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