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Yoga at Home


Our 45 minute Mellow Flow class is a balanced yang/yin practice that seamlessly blends the dynamic energy of yang that you find in our power flow class in a slower manner, with the calming and introspective qualities of yin. In this class, we'll start with an invigorating sequence of flowing, active postures to warm up and energize the body, building strength, flexibility, and endurance (~25 min). As we transition into the yin portion, we will spend the final ~20 minutes flowing through juicy floor based movements to increase muscle elasticity, restoration and total nourishment. we'll shift our focus to deep stretching and longer-held poses that target the connective tissues, promoting relaxation, mindfulness, and surrender. This holistic practice will leave you feeling balanced, grounded, and rejuvenated, offering a perfect harmony between effort and ease. Great for beginners, those recovering from injury and those who don't want a heated practice. All levels are welcome.

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