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Looking to Book A Studio in Oceanside?


Newly renovated, our beautiful coastal-themed studio space is suitable for a variety of uses including yoga, meditation, fitness, personal training, dance, singing, workshops, retreats, photoshoots, meditation, physiotherapy, massage, reiki, dinners, bridal showers, birthday parties, tarot card readings and much more!


The studio room (not including the lobby, equipment, or bathroom) is 700 square feet and comes fully equipped with yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, weights, jump ropes, balance boards and resistance bands. Perfect for those who want to rent a private fitness space! If you're running a yoga class, we recommend a maximum of 24 students (which would be a full, cosy, close together class!)


We are located on Oceanside Blvd. & College Blvd. in the Rancho Del Oro neighborhood of Oceanside.


This flexible and adaptable space is offered for permanent or casual hire, at competitive per hour pricing. We also offer half day or full day rates, with discounts for regular hirers.

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