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What makes Surf Salutations unique?

All of our classes across yoga + HIIT are focused on mindful movement and functional fitness; we start all our classes (HIIT included) with a 3 minute breathe-to-the-beat meditation and end with a 3 minute savasana/rest. Our studio provides you with the opportunity to take a holistic fitness approach across strength training and yoga, without sacrificing the quality of a boutique style class like you would at a larger gym.

Why do we start all of our classes, even HIIT, with 3 minutes of Breathe to the Beat and end them with 3 minutes of Savasana?


At Surf Salutations, we believe that starting our yoga and HIIT classes with a 3-minute "Breathe to the Beat" breath work exercise sets the tone for a mindful and effective session. This practice allows our participants to transition from their busy lives into a focused and present state, syncing their breath with rhythmic movements. It serves as a powerful grounding technique, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing mental clarity before delving into the physical demands of the class. By aligning breath and movement from the outset, we aim to cultivate a deeper mind-body connection, enabling our members to derive maximum benefits from their workout while fostering a sense of inner balance and awareness throughout the session.


We always conclude our classes with a 3-minute Savasana as it is the most crucial pose, allowing for integration of the practice's benefits and deep relaxation. Despite time constraints in shorter sessions, this closing posture remains essential, fostering mental clarity, stress reduction, and overall well-being.


Is parking available?

Yes! We're located in a retail center with plenty of parking spaces.

Can I wear my shoes in the studio?

Yes & no.


If you're coming for yoga or sculpt, it's a no - you won't need shoes on your yoga mat. :) Please remove your shoes in the lobby/boutique and take them to the equipment room with you to place in the cubbies allocated for personal items.

If you're coming for HIIT, then yes, please wear your shoes. Our mission is focused on functional fitness and to prevent injury, and this means proper footwear and arch support/alignment when you're lifting heavier weights or doing certain cardio exercises. After each of our HIIT classes, we mop the floor to ensure it's clean again for yoga!

Do you offer water, yoga mat rentals and towels?

  • WATER: We offer filtered water at studio. We ask that you come with a bottle (or buy one from our shop (we we aim to reduce our footprint by not offering single use cups).

  • MATS: For yoga, we offer mat rentals for $5. For HIIT, you don't need a mat.

  • TOWELS: We do not offer towel rentals. Please bring your own.

Are there showers available?

No, we have a bathroom, but don't currently offer showers.

Where can I put my personal items?

We have cubbies in our back room to store your items. While your personal items are in the back anyways, during class, our lobby is also either monitored or locked if there's not somebody at the front desk.

Does your studio room have mirrors?

Our yoga and fitness studio room embraces a mirror-free environment to foster a mindful and introspective practice, encouraging clients to focus on the sensations within their bodies (mind<>body connection) rather than external appearances. This deliberate choice promotes a more authentic and holistic connection between individuals and their physical well-being during classes.


Do you offer a Student, Active Military, Police or Fire discount?

We currently offer 20% off our unlimited membership for the all Active military, students, police and fire. Please contact us to activate your membership by emailing

What is your policy if I'm running late to class?

When there's only one teacher at the space, we lock our front door upon class start. In order to ensure we end our classes on time, we do not allow late admittance into class. Since we start with breath work, it's too distracting for the rest of the class to let people in once the class starts. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early!

What if I need to cancel or pause my membership?

All membership adjustment requests (including cancellations) must be sent via email to at least 7 days before your next scheduled payment date. Please note that we try to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Please refer to your membership contract (under account>plans>contract) for specific policies by plan. Our unlimited membership allows you to pause your plan for up to 6 weeks per calendar year.

What is the cancellation / no show policy for classes at Surf Salutations?

To allow as many students as possible to join their desired class, we request that you pre-register to guarantee your spot. We have an 8 hour grace period for you to cancel your class. If you cancel less than 4 hours before the class start time or don't show up to class, you will incur a $10 no-show/late cancel fee as an unlimited member. Drop ins and limited membership plans will not receive a fee, but will forfeit their drop in class or class credit.

What is the age requirement to take a class at Surf Salutations?

Our minimum age requirement is 14-years old. You have to be at least 16 to take a heated class. All minors (under 18) must have a parent waiver signed prior to practicing (the parent or guardian must sign the waiver in person at a studio).

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