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Size Options: 7'0 | 7'6 | 8'0 and comes in the Straw or Jade color.


Mid Length surfboards have become extremely popular over the last couple of years. The versatility of the Hermit is the reason it works in such a wide range of conditions.

The Hermit is probably the primary go-to board in the Critical Slide range if you wanted to surf every day and only had one board to surf on. We have set the volume to moderate to help get into the waves early and set up for long runs.


The generous outline and smooth curves mean this board is designed to have excellent balance between drawing long smooth lines in cruise mode and pulling a great turn on the open face when the opportunity presents. Without doubt, the Hermit will be one of your favourite boards.


Polyester or PU construction uses traditional materials and laminating techniques to produce a strong, reliable surfboard with high quality finishes. All polyester boards are CNC milled from the shapers files and laminated by hand using quality components such as Hexcel fiberglass, Silmar resin and Bennett foam.

For years traditional polyester boards have been at the forefront of performance surfing. These boards feature a progressive flex pattern controlled by a high-grade timber stringer and feel very reliable under your feet. Polyester construction will perform in all surf conditions and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of surfboard models.

Board Contours: Rolled Vee to Vee Double Concave
Rail: Medium to Full Rail
Surfer Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced
Wave Height: 1-5ft


We have the 7'6" Jade Hermit board in our store available for purchase, but you can order it in any size or color through us for pickup at our store available within 3 business days!




About the brand: The Critical Slide Society - Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia


Born from a blog in a sleepy seaside village on the Central Coast way back in 2009, The Critical Slide Society was founded on a vision that embodies the heart and soul of authentic surf culture. We didn’t start as a brand. We were surfers & artists, photographers & illustrators, musicians & film makers. A network of friends. We wanted to create a brand that would connect people through a blend of fashion, art, surf, coast and community - stripping the lifestyle back to its roots and bringing surf culture and sustainability to the forefront. Shifting focus from the competitions and the winner's podium back to the pure joy of you, a board and the waves.

Critical Slide The Hermit Mid-Length

  • Surfboards are non refundable.

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