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The Epoxy Soft construction makes the Mid Tide epoxy softboard a magical surfboard offering a smooth ride for every skill level. This model is classified as a fun board which is fitting in the sense that it will paddle superior to others in the line-up, feel comfortable under your feet and gather speed easily too, hence increasing the fun when taking the Mid Tide for a paddle.


We have the 7'0 baby blue board in our store available for purchase, but you can order it in any size or color through us for pickup at our store available within 3 business days!



NOTE: Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level

6'421"2 1/2"37ltr7” Single & FCS2 Performer Quad Rears132lb / 60kg or less
6'821 1/4''2 5/8''41ltr7” Single & FCS2 Performer Quad Rears143lb / 65kg 
7'021 1/22 3/4"46ltr7” Single & FCS2 Performer Quad Rears154lb / 70kg
7'421 3/42 7/8"51ltr7” Single & FCS2 Performer Quad Rears165lb / 75kg +


About the brand: Salt Gypsy - Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

A female surfer-owned company based in Byron Bay, Australia that's committed to responsible and fair manufacturing while championing everyday ocean women to feel good and surf better. Drawn from a lifetime chasing long period swells, Salt Gypsy is a women's surf lifestyle company celebrating everyday oceanwomen and style in the lineup. We focus on developing stylish & long-lasting products for discerning women of the sea.

Salt Gypsy Mid-Tide Epoxy Surfboard

  • Surfboards are non refundable.

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