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Prenatal Yoga Class
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Our pre and post natal yoga and yoga sculpt classes help expecting and new mothers stay physically strong, flexible, and comfortable throughout pregnancy and into motherhood, aiding in a smoother recovery postpartum.


These classes are designed to ensure safety, alignment and proper modifications for your changing body throughout this phase of life.


In motherhood, as early as the pregnancy chapter, the importance of strengthening your body, being present, bonding with your baby and building a village or community of likeminded women is critical to thriving through each stage.

Our Prenatal Yoga Flow class is a weekly yoga class designed for expecting moms to alleviate discomfort and help maintain strength, flexibility and balance throughout your pregnancy. Each week, this class takes place on Thursdays at 10:30-11:15 am. You can sign up for classes here.


​Our Mom and Grom Yoga Sculpt classes are our version of a mommy and me class and takes place over the course of a 12 week term on Tuesdays at 10:30-11:15 am. It's designed to bond with your baby, connect with other local moms in the same phase of life, and rebuild strength during your body's recovery phase. It's a mix of yoga, strength training and cardio, where you listen to your body and take the various modifications for what feels best for you and your baby that day! With babies from 6 weeks - 12 months old, this class is a lot of cuteness, a little chaos, and so much fun! You can sign up for our next term here.

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